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Distintivo H

Distintivo H

Villa Saverios is proud to have been given the Distintivo "H" Award from the Mexican Tourism Board. Distintivo "H" is awarded to restaurants which have highly trained staff that passed international tests of quality and hygiene. Distintivo "H" is the most important award given to restaurants in Mexico.

In May 2002, the Distintivo "H" became Mexico's official voluntary standard for all food handling industries. This new certificate demands the highest standards of hygiene in all sectors of the food and beverage industry including hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, etc.

Distintivo "H" guarantees a hygienic environment for all patrons as it controls the full cycle in all food and beverage processes i.e. from supplier to consumption. This recognition is awarded by the Secretaries of Tourism and Health and the Distintivo "H" certifying agency which examines over 100 aspects of food preparation and handling before granting the certificate.

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